“come for the trees, stay for the experience”


We want to first thank you for visiting our site and introduce ourselves. We are Terry and Shawna Parker and we both grew up in the Oklahoma City Metro area. Shawna and I met as teenagers and later married, and we have five children.  Our love for this time of year goes back to when we were kids and the amazing memories, we both had.  As we began having children of our own, we wanted to make those same memories for them and hopefully create a tradition in the lives of our children that they would continue to pass down.

I remember several times taking our children to a local Christmas tree Farm in a nearby city. It was always a magical moment, and one the kids looked forward to every year during the Christmas season.  We would walk those trees, drink hot cider, and eat candy canes while taking photos and looking for that “perfect” tree. It was a time we all looked forward to. 


Shawna and I always thought how cool it would be to have a tree farm like the one we visited and help others create those same memories. Let’s fast forward the story several years. The children are all grown, several moved to different states and a lot of time has passed. We realized as we got older that the Christmas season not only brought magic and excitement but for many it brought sorrow and grief from loss of loved ones, tragedy or negative memories surrounding this time of year. Our hearts became very heavy after we began to experience these same feelings in our own lives. We always knew that there was something magical about the Christmas season and something inspiring about those times when we were younger with little children walking those trees, drinking that hot cider, and eating those candy canes. We didn’t know how exactly to make that happen. We lived in the city and not the environment for a tree farm, so we decided that we wanted to do something.  As with anything it never happens fast, years and years went by and finally we were able to begin the legacy we hoped to create.  Then out of nowhere the the lord provided land in the City of Harrah, Oklahoma that we would purchase and began our journey.  Our first steps were to cultivate and learn all we could about growing trees, definitely not as easy as one would expect.  We have had many trials since we started. But as our passion continued to grow, we felt that God was telling us that it was no longer about the Christmas trees; it was about reaching communities.  Our heart is to provide a place where people can gather, bring families, create memories and traditions.  Again, we understand that not everyone has great memories of the Christmas season, but if we can provide a place that people feel “safe”, “loved on ” and can escape the stresses around them then we feel we are doing the right thing.

Shawna and I have surrounded ourselves with a group of people that have the same heart we do; they volunteer their time and resources to help feed into the community and give up their time to help work at the farm to provide the most positive experience for everyone that visits.  

At Wonderland Farms, we grow and sell Christmas trees, but that is the by-product. We want to feed into the lives of everyone that drives through our gate.  We want everyone great or small, young, and old to have a “magical” time during the Christmas season. 

Our Motto is…”Come for the trees… but stay for the experience” Everything we do is centered around this statement. Our passion is to provide an experience that leaves a memory, creates a tradition or maybe even a Legacy.  By the way, the Farm that we visited when our children were little. The owner is now my Mentor. They never knew who we were many years ago, but what they did left a forever impact on our lives and now we want to share that same experience with you.

We’d love to hear from you!


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